A grand meeting on the occasion of the Police Day was held in Tskhinval

Mon, 11/11/2013 - 10:22

In Tskhinval has been held a grand meeting on the occasion of the Police Day. The event was attended by the President of the Republic of South Ossetia Leonid Tibilov, Prime Minister of the Republic Rostislav Khugaev, a spokesman for the Interior Ministry and the Russian State Duma Ivan Solovyov, government officials, members of Parliament of South Ossetia, and the employees of the Interior Ministry.

At the beginning of the event Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic Akhsar Lavoev congratulated the policemen on their professional holiday, wishing them good health, happiness and prosperity.
"The profession of a policeman is considered to be one of the responsible, heroic, necessary for the existence of legal state and peaceful constructive labour of its citizens, - the minister said. - People turn to us for help, finding themselves in a difficult situation, and we must always be ready to preserve law and order in our Republic."
Lavoev has noted that the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic is implementing measures that will significantly improve the quality and level of the operational-investigative and the operative-investigative work. "The development of inter-departmental relations of the Interior Ministry with the regions of Russia and the CIS countries also yields positive results, - said Lavoev. - In the operational - investigative work, in the exchange of information and experience are implemented innovations to ensure the safety of the town, as well as on the roads of our Republic."
Police officers were also congratulated by the head of state who wished them health, well-being and success.
The people and leadership of South Ossetia highly appreciate the work of police, said in his speech Leonid Tibilov.
"You continue the tradition of the police, laid by your predecessors - the glorious veterans of the Interior Ministry, and the people of the Republic lay high hopes that you will maintain law and order, - Tibilov said. - We know that you are a serious shield against crime, the contribution that you have made to the development and strengthening of our Republic, is significant, and we welcome this progress."
The President also noted the contribution of the fallen law enforcement officers to the development of the Republic.
"Many of your colleagues did not live till today - said Tibilov. - They laid down their lives for the bright future of our Republic. Their memory will always be kept in our hearts. We will never forget our heroes."
Tibilov has also stressed that the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic faces difficult challenges today.
"With the recognition of our state the goals of the Ministry of Internal Affairs have become more complicated, because it is necessary to intensify the work to preserve what has been achieved twenty years ago," - underlined the president.
Tibilov has also stressed that the efforts of the leadership of the Republic and the Ministry of Interior are aimed at creating appropriate conditions for the life of each employee and veterans of the Ministry of internal Affairs.
"The ranks of the police are joined by young professionals who acquire knowledge in many educational institutions of Russia, - said the president. - A new generation in the ranks of the Ministry-it is the prospect to which we should aspire. The older generation of police officers, in turn, will teach them to serve for the benefit of the state and the people."
The distinguished law enforcement officers were presented the state awards. Ivan Solovyov was presented with an Order of Friendship. The awarding ceremony was followed by a concert.

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