Residents of South Ossetia condemn the criminal actions of Ukrainian authorities

Wed, 07/05/2014 - 10:17

In South Ossetia, was held an anti-fascist rally of solidarity of the people of South Ossetia with the people of Ukraine, Odessa residents, Kramatorsk, Slavyansk, Kharkov and Luhansk. On the church square of Tskhinval gathered a lot of people – the leadership, the public and guests of the Republic.

The participants strongly condemned the criminal actions of the current Ukrainian authorities against the civilian population of the country.
Participants of the meeting made an appeal to the UN Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki-moon, the OSCE chairman Mr Didier Burkhalter and PACE President Ms Anne Brasseur, which contribute to call an immediate halt of the carnage in the south-east of Ukraine.
Below is the complete text of the letter:
"Today in Ukraine as a result of a military coup with the direct technological, financial and information support of the USA and some European countries the power was seized by fascist junta. Millions of Ukrainian citizens on the basis of ethnicity and rejection of crimes of the Kiev regime have become outlawed.
The Constitution is trampled. The Army is thrown against civilians and acts as a punitive squad against their own people. In order to destroy the protesters against the Kiev junta in Ukraine are acting foreign mercenaries, are being violated human rights and freedoms. Against the people of the South-East of Ukraine is being conducted ruthless and criminal war.
Inhuman, deliberate burning of the people alive in the house of Trade Unions in Odessa shocked the entire civilized world. It is a crime which cannot be forgiven. Such atrocities can only be committed by monsters.
For many years people of South Ossetia stubbornly resisted Georgian aggression. We are confident that the Georgian fascism and national fascists in Ukraine today have the same promoters in the West.
Today, the United States and some Western European countries openly support the neo-Nazi forces in Ukraine, promoting further bloodshed and incite the Kiev junta to continue terror against the people of the South-East of Ukraine. The crimes of the junta against its own citizens are not condemned by the West. Are forgotten the lessons of the Second World War.
We, citizens of the Republic of South Ossetia, strongly condemning all manifestations of fascism and expressing our commitment to peaceful development encourage people of goodwill throughout the world to have an impact on the world community and to promote the immediate cessation of the carnage in the South-East of Ukraine. We demand the International Tribunal for the Kiev junta which is guilty of the death of dozens of citizens of Ukraine and crimes against humanity".

Мой мир