Armenian communities in the south and north of Ossetia intend to increase cultural cooperation

Fri, 06/07/2018 - 13:58

The activists of the ethnic-cultural organization of the Armenians of North Ossetia met with members of the Armenian public organization "Berd" of the city of Tskhinval, reported the 15th region with reference to the press service of the Republic's Ministry for National Affairs.
The trip was organized to establish close contacts with fellow countrymen.
"The meeting is of great importance, first of all, in terms of sharing experiences. We agreed with our southern brothers about closer cultural and humanitarian cooperation, said the head of the Armenian ethnic-cultural organization Araksi Safronidi.
After a short tour of the city sights, representatives of the communities in an informal atmosphere discussed various areas of cooperation. During the discussion, it was expressed the idea of ​​organizing a joint concert in the near future.
It should be noted that at the moment the Armenian community of South Ossetia includes about 800 people. Many of them left the Republic during the August 2008 events.

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