KGB of South Ossetia announced the resumption of construction of the Georgian police roadblock in the border zone

Wed, 30/10/2019 - 18:15

Georgian side is creating addition al security threats

As part of the measures taken, the South Ossetian State Security Committee continues to record the illegal activities of the Georgian side in increasing tension on the state border with Georgia, the Committee’s press service reports.

"On October 28, in the vicinity of the Sinagur settlement of Dzau district, the previously suspended construction of the Georgian police checkpoint was resumed. Instead of withdrawing its armed forces, stopping illegal construction work and de-escalating tension, the Georgian side continues to increase its presence in the border zone of South Ossetia, thereby creating additional security threats," - notes the KGB.

The KGB of the Republic informed the mission of the EU observers about the provocative steps of the official Tbilisi through the “hot line” of the Incident Prevention and Response Mechanism (IPRM).

The State Security Committee once again emphasizes that these actions of the Georgian side do not contribute to stabilization of the situation on the state border of the Republic and run counter to the official position of Georgia on adherence to exclusively peaceful methods of resolving the situation.

Earlier it was reported that the Georgian police roadblock is being built just 50 meters from the state border of South Ossetia. The issue of building a roadblock of the Georgian side in the immediate vicinity of the Republic’s border, in the village of Sinagur in Dzau district, was raised earlier at the Parliament session. The deputy group, led by Speaker Alan Tadtaev, visited the village of Sinagur and got acquainted with the situation on the spot.

“The question of removing will be raised at the meeting of the Incident Prevention and Response Mechanism (IPRM). Our citizens died in a landslide on this territory. It’s blasphemous on the part of Georgia to erect any structures on their bones. The village of Khakhet completely went underground in 1991, the landslide spread to the territory of Georgia, so the remains of those killed in this disaster still lie there. We intend to appeal to the IPRM South Ossetian side participants to raise this issue before the international community. by local authorities, strictly demanding that the Georgian side stop working on this site, "the Speaker said then.

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