Without culture, we cannot call ourselves a nation: Anatoly Bibilov to musicians

Wed, 13/11/2019 - 21:29

President Anatoly Bibilov met with the director of the Tskhinval Music College named after Felix Alborov Zhanna Gagieva and a musician Sarmat Kabisov, the press service of the head of state reports. The musicians told the President about their participation in the ItalianBreak International Festival-Competition in the Republic of San Marino, where Sarmat Kabisov had become the 1st degree laureate.

Zhanna Gagieva thanked the President “for all-round support”.

According to her, among the participants of the festival were musicians from Portugal, Kazakhstan, Tatarstan, Sri Lanka, Russia, Moldova, Italy and Argentina.

“We performed the third part of the concert by Dudar Khakhanov. There were a lot of participants. And we, of course, were worried, did not expect such a success,” said Zhanna Gagieva.

She also said that on the initiative of the representative of South Ossetia in Italy, Mauro Murga, a solo concert had been held in the Italian city of Gradara. The concert was organized by the mayor of Gradara Filippo Gasperi.

“We hold an evening of national Ossetian music. The concert was opened by Sarmat Kabisov, having played several pieces of Ossetian music, in the sequel I played the music of outstanding Ossetian composers. The audience was inspired in the evening, noting the beauty and grandeur of national music,” said Zhanna Gagieva.

The director of the music school spoke about the invitation from the mayor of Gradara to take part in the international festival, which will be held in Italy in the summer of 2020.

Anatoly Bibilov congratulated Zhanna Gagieva and Sarmat Kabisov on their successful performance at the competition.

“The fact that you received a diploma of I degree is a great success. And I want to thank you for introducing Ossetia at a high level. Those steps that our cultural community is taking, of course, are urgently needed for all of us, as a whole for Ossetia,” he emphasized.

The President has also assured that the musicians will have the opportunity to take part in the planned festivals.

“We will do everything so that you can take part in those festivals where you are invited, and we will provide all possible help and support to bring young talented musicians to the big stage. I am immensely pleased with your success. Without culture, we cannot call ourselves a nation, therefore, we pay great attention to its development,” concluded Anatoly Bibilov.

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