Heads of the legislative bodies of South and North Ossetia discussed inter-parliamentary agreement and memorialization of the genocide

Thu, 05/03/2020 - 00:24

On Wednesday, a meeting was held between Speaker of the South Ossetian legislative body Alan Tadtaev and Chairman of the Parliament of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania Alexei Machnev.

The heads of legislative bodies discussed the signing of an agreement between the parliaments of South and North Ossetia, as well as ongoing work to recognize the genocide of the Ossetian people in 1920.

Discussing the signing, Machnev has noted that a delegation from North Ossetia has already been formed and is ready to work, and a program for signing the agreement has also been prepared.

“The signing, as we determined earlier, can take place in two stages so that it takes place both in South Ossetia and North Ossetia. We have been moving towards this for a long time, because the agreement had to be coordinated with the federal legislation of Russia, and get permission from the Russian government. For more than four years this issue has been resolved, proposals were made and, finally, a positive decision was made,” said Machnev.

According to Machnev, the signing of the agreement will be the starting point, after which the parliaments of both Ossetia will cooperate even more actively.

“It is not necessary to set up delegations, working groups, today we have got in touch by phone, I arrived, and we discussed important issues and problems in working mode. In the same way you can come to us. This will allow us to work in a permanent state, connect to problems on time, see them, and if possible, help somewhere,” he said.

Speaker of the Parliament of South Ossetia Alan Tadtaev, for his part, has also noted that the signing of the agreement will help more closely cooperate with the parliaments of both Ossetia.

“The signing of the agreement will improve contacts between the parliaments of North and South Ossetia. We are one nation, although temporarily divided, and we, of course, strive to ensure that Ossetia is united. This is the century-old dream of our ancestors, and I’m sure that this dream will come true someday,” Tadtaev said.

The parliamentarians also discussed the events planned for the year of genocide of the Ossetian people.

As noted by Tadtaev, a meeting of the State Duma working group on this issue will soon be held.

“A meeting of the State Duma working group on this issue will soon be held in Tskhinval, then the same meeting will be held in Moscow. I think that after the results of the work of this group, the State Duma will make some decision. I spoke with the chairman of the working group, they aim to fully cover the genocide of the Ossetian people from 1920 to 2008,” said the Speaker.

According to the Speaker, the working group of parliamentarians of North Ossetia will take part in the meetings to be held in Tskhinval and Moscow.

Alexey Machnev confirmed the readiness of representatives of the North Ossetian parliament to participate in the planned meetings on the genocide.

“We will definitely delegate our representatives so that they also take part in the meetings. If possible, we will leave with you to Moscow,” said Machnev.

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