"It is absolutely untrue": South Ossetian Foreign Ministry on the letter of the Permanent Mission of Georgia to the UN

Wed, 29/07/2020 - 10:27

The South Ossetian Foreign Ministry responded to the letter from the Permanent Mission of Georgia to the UN, published on Tuesday by the United Nations Security Council, addressed to the UN Secretary General and all permanent missions and observers to the UN.

“It is regrettable that neither Georgia nor the West were able to learn from the tragic events of 2008. It is also significant that discussions about human rights and the general situation in South Ossetia were preceded by many years of tacit agreement with the militaristic policy of Georgia, and its full-scale arming. After the August aggression, there was not a single word of condemnation from international organizations for the war crimes of Georgia - the killings of civilians in South Ossetia, "the Foreign Ministry said in the statement.

The Foreign Ministry has added that looking aside, today Georgian diplomacy continues to spread misinformation about the true state of affairs in South Ossetia, offering to take urgent measures "to protect the rights and meet the humanitarian needs of the local population."

"Contrary to all logic, continues to promote the myth of" Russian aggression "and propaganda clichés about" annexation "and" occupation ", despite repeated evidence from the South Ossetian side about the inadmissibility and absolute illegality from the legal and factual points of view of using the term" occupied territories "in relation to South Ossetia Today, on the eve of the 12th anniversary of the Georgian aggression against South Ossetia, we would like to remind everyone once again that only the decisive intervention of the Russian Federation, which carried out the operation to force Georgia to peace, saved the people of South Ossetia from total annihilation in August 2008 ", - said the Foreign Ministry.

The Foreign Ministry has noted that only the presence of Russian servicemen in South Ossetia, in accordance with bilateral agreements, serves as a guarantee of security and stability in South Ossetia.

“We note with regret that the destructive activity of the Georgian representatives accredited in various international organizations has already led to the suspension of the discussion of the refugee problem in Geneva. The continuation of this policy is fraught with negative consequences and may completely provoke the collapse of the format of the Geneva discussions. We believe that the practice of double standards and the use of human rights problems as a political instrument for promoting the interests of individual states are unacceptable for the reputation and international status of such an important body as the UN, "the Foreign Ministry said in the statement.

The Foreign Ministry has stated that all the fabrications of the Georgian side, contained in the above-mentioned letter, are absolutely untrue, aiming to hide the true state of affairs.

"All protective measures taken by the country's leadership are aimed exclusively at countering the penetration of COVID-19 from the territory of neighboring Georgia and are related to the protection of the interests of the Republic and the border population, including, regardless of nationality, and cannot be considered as some kind of restriction of access to means of subsistence or medical care. On the other hand, despite the difficult situation around the world in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic, Georgia continues to increase its military and political activity near the borders of South Ossetia, deliberate and provocative violations of the state border by Georgia have become more frequent. . All responsibility for such violations, which are presented by Georgia as illegal detention of its citizens, lies with the Georgian authorities, which do not take any measures to prevent violations of the state border with South Ossetia. "

The Foreign Ministry has added that the ongoing integration of Georgia with the North Atlantic military bloc directly fuels its revanchist aspirations, which contradicts the provisions basic for the Geneva discussions, seriously undermines multilateral efforts to stabilize the situation and, in general, endangers security and stability in the Transcaucasia.

"In this regard, South Ossetia fully supports the appeal of the UN Secretary General, Mr. Antonio Guterres, to declare a global truce in connection with the coronavirus pandemic. As for the topic of providing medical assistance to individual citizens of South Ossetia in medical institutions of Georgia, which is often exploited by Georgian politicians, we draw your attention to the documented statistics, the number of deaths due to the non- transportation of sick citizens to Georgia is zero. At the same time, we note that there are other statistics that are not paid attention to by both local authorities in Tbilisi and representatives of international organizations and foreign embassies, "the Ministry said.

The Ministry has noted that the mortality rate of South Ossetian citizens sent for treatment to Georgia under the ICRC Medical Transportation program increased significantly and amounted to 27.5% in 2019, and in the first half of 2020 - 20.5% of the total number of people. undergoing treatment in Georgia during these years.

"This means the collapse of all propaganda projects of the Georgian government, including the so-called" Step to a better future "and" Involvement without recognition. "

We are convinced that in order to achieve sustainable peace and stability in the region, the UN, the UN Security Council, which is entrusted with the main responsibility for maintaining international peace and security, has an important task - to get from Georgia guarantees of the non-use of force against South Ossetia, which the South Ossetian delegation has been persistently seeking within the framework of the Geneva discussions and from which the Georgian side avoids under various pretexts, "the Foreign Ministry stressed...

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