Border guards stopped an attempt to penetrate into the territory of South Ossetia by the Georgian intelligence group – the KGB

Thu, 30/07/2020 - 10:59

The KGB places full responsibility for the growth of tensions in the border zone on the Tbilisi regime

The KGB of South Ossetia issued a statement on Wednesday stating that official Tbilisi continues to take actions leading to increased military danger in the region

"So, on July 25 at 16:30, in the vicinity of the settlement of Ziuuat in Znaur district of the Republic, officers of the Border Service recorded an attempt to penetrate the reconnaissance group of one of the Georgian power structures into the territory of South Ossetia. According to available data, from the Georgian settlement of Takhtisdziri in Karel municipality, six unidentified persons in the uniform of Georgian police arrived in cars to the state border line, and approached close to the South Ossetian border information marks installed at a distance of 100 meters deep into the South Ossetian territory, and monitored the South Ossetian border zone, using also a quadrocopter ", -t he KGB statement provided to IA "RES" said.

Having noticed the border officials of South Ossetia, the Georgian security forces defiantly continued their actions, the statement says.

"Only after the South Ossetian border guards started video recording, the Georgian Interior Ministry officers left in cars in the direction of the village of Takhtisdziri," the Committee noted.

The KGB believes that the leadership of the Georgian security forces, giving an order to move armed groups to the sectors of direct influence of the South Ossetian units, creates a real threat of direct clashes, with a possible escalation of the conflict.

"Particular bewilderment is caused by the position of international observers of the European Union, who not only do not control the actions of the security forces of the Tbilisi regime, deployed along the state border of South Ossetia and Georgia, but actually connive at their provocative and destructive activities," the South Ossetian KGB emphasizes.

In this regard, given the tragic experience of the state terrorism policy pursued by Georgia against South Ossetia in 2004-2008, the circumstances of the "five-day war" in August 2008, as well as Georgia's refusal to sign the "Treaty on the Non-Use of Force or the Threat of its Use", The KGB of South Ossetia places full responsibility for the growth of tensions in the border zone on the Tbilisi regime.

It should be reminded that a meeting is scheduled for July 30 in the format of the Incident Prevention and Response Mechanism (IPRM), which representatives of South Ossetia and Georgia are going to hold after almost a year break.

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