Alan Gagloev met with the families of the fighters killed in the special military operation zone

Fri, 29/12/2023 - 21:41

South Ossetian President Alan Gagloev met on Friday with the relatives of fighters perished during the Russian special military operation to protect civilians in the Donbass.

The head of state has emphasized that the pain experienced by the relatives of the fallen heroes cannot be relieved.

Alan Gagloev assured that the state is always ready to provide their families with comprehensive support.

“Each of the fighters showed an example of courage and how one should love one’s homeland. We will always remember them, and you know that the leadership of the Republic is next to you and is always ready to support you in any matter,” the President has emphasized.

For the New Year, on behalf of President of the Republic, the children of the fighters killed during the special military operation were given one-time financial assistance and New Year's gifts.

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