Archive - 6/4/2011

Wed, 06/04/2011 - 13:41

There is no any place for the national minorities in Georgia

Tbilisi has liked to mention on any cause or without about its "hot love "for the ossetians and the abkhazians, from whom they ostensibly were separated by the «insidious russian invaders". It’s a real pleasure to read the rippling articles in the Georgian press about the «paradisiacal life" which will wait the ossetians and the abkhazians if they submit to the Georgian regime. Let’s look at the real attitude towards the non-georgian people in the "lighthouse of democracy", whose original lands turned out to be the part of the «sunny republic". So, owing to the will of historical destiny, Dzhavakhk, where since the immemorial time the Armenians have been living, unexpectedly found itself the part of Georgia. In 2002 they formed 95 percent of the population of the land; their number was 113 thousand men.