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Tue, 12/04/2011 - 19:05

The War in August 2008. The eye-witnesses are telling. Liubov Dzhioeva

Dzhioeva Liubov Semenovna, 1933 d. b., an inhabitant of the village Tbet
War for people, for each person, - first of all is pain, loss, grief, tears. Georgia repeatedly undertook the attempts of destruction South Ossetia. But that damned night nobody could think that Georgia would assault upon sleeping people. The powerful blasts were heard that night, my son left for fighting, I was quite alone. I was sitting in full darkness in private with the awe. I hoped that next morning this horror would be stopped, but, alas, it became more awful. I had never left South Ossetia before, neither in 90-th of the XX-th century, nor in 2004, and nor in August 2008. We were being fired from all type of weapon, with using the forbidden system of volley fire "Hail".

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Georgia is no more worried about one believes her or not

On the 8-th of April an assault upon the russian frontier-guards took place in Galskiy region of Abkhazia, in the result of which perished a serviceman of FSS Russia lieutenant colonel Vasiliy Kvitko, two offenders – citizens of Georgia Lasha Sichinava and Malkhaz Kharchilava- have been killed by return fire. Russia and Abkhaziya confirm that the killed georgians were subversives of the special services of Georgia. Georgia again has quickly found the answer and confirms that one of the perished men, Sichinava, has been sentenced to 19 years in Georgia and was hiding out in Abkhazia, which, ostensibly, together with South Ossetia turned out to be the «black hole", where smuggling of nuclear stuff and slave trade take place.