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Sat, 23/11/2019 - 22:31

Heroic annals of the people: flowers were laid in Tskhinval in memory of the events of November 23, 1989

The November events of 1989 were dedicated by laying of flowers on the southern outskirts of Tskhinval. A monument has been erected here, symbolizing the steadfastness and courage of the sons of Ossetia, who, thirty years ago holding hands, formed a “living chain” on the path of armed Georgian nationalists, preventing them from breaking into the city. The event participants - hundreds of residents of South Ossetia laid flowers at the memorial, once again recalling the heroic annals of their people.

November 23, 1989: The Day of Courage and Unity, the day of the beginning of the modern history of South Ossetia

Significant date

On Saturday, the public of the Republic will lay flowers at the memorial of courage and national unity, installed at the entrance to Tskhinval on the Priss Upland, in memory of the events of November 23, 1989. The very place where 30 years ago residents of Tskhinval blocked the path of the Georgian nationalists.