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Thu, 07/11/2019 - 16:14

South Ossetia is participating in the seminar "Regional stability in the South Caucasus"

In the city of Reichenau (Austria), on Thursday started the 20th seminar of the research group “Regional Stability in the South Caucasus”. The seminar will last until November 10, Minister of Foreign Affairs of South Ossetia Dmitry Medvedev is taking part in its work, the press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reports.

The theme of the seminar: "Concrete steps to break the impasse in the South Caucasus." Dmitry Medoev will make a report “South Ossetia - History and Modern Realities”.


Wed, 06/11/2019 - 20:30

KGB of South Ossetia has fixed new provocations on the state border

The KGB of the Republic fixes the transfer of equipment and the rotation of the personnel of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia at the illegal strong point

The Georgian side, despite Tbilisi’s repeated assurances of its commitment to a peaceful and diplomatic settlement of the so-called “Tsnelis crisis,” inspired by the Georgian special services, continues to implement an irresponsible policy of petty provocations aimed at destabilizing the situation in the region, the KGB of the Republic said on Wednesday.


Tue, 05/11/2019 - 20:33

The delegation of South Ossetia participated in the Forum "Dialogue on the Volga"

Georgy Tibilov, an employee of the Committee on Youth Policy, Sports and Tourism of South Ossetia, who oversees the tourism sector, and Inal Makoyev, lector of the South- Ossetian State University, represented South Ossetia at the VI International Forum of Public Diplomacy "Dialogue on the Volga: Peace and Understanding in the 21st Century" held in Volgograd.

Tue, 05/11/2019 - 20:31

Three Ossetian athletes became the world arm wrestling champions

The arm-wrestling world championship has ended in the Romanian city of Constanta, reports the website Abon.

In the fight by her left hand, Madina Kairova became the world champion. The girl performed in the weight class of over 90 kilograms.

Soslan Gassiev won a silver medal in the weight of 100 kilograms, and Ortan Skyaev won the bronze medal in the class of 75 kilograms.

Khadzhimurat Zoloev (90 kg) and Roman Tserekaev (60 kg) won the title of world champions in the fight by the right hand.


Mon, 04/11/2019 - 21:30

Vladimir Putin ratified a protocol between Russia and South Ossetia on the regime of trade in goods

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the law on ratification of the protocol, providing for amendments to the intergovernmental agreement with South Ossetia on the regime of trade in goods. The document was published on Monday on the official Internet portal of legal information, TASS reports.

The agreement governing the issues of duty-free mutual trade in goods was signed on March 2, 2012, and the protocol to it was signed on May 6, 2019 in Tskhinval in accordance with the order of the government of the Russian Federation.

Mon, 04/11/2019 - 19:31

South Ossetia and the DPR are developing communications cooperation

The Committee for Mass Communications of South Ossetia and Ministry of Communications of the Donetsk People's Republic signed a Memorandum on international cooperation in the field of postal services. The document was signed by the Chairman of the Committee for. Mass Communications of the Republic of South Ossetia Khassan Gigolaev and acting Minister of Communications of the DPR Igor Khalepa.

Mon, 04/11/2019 - 19:28

An exhibition of materials from the archives of the foreign policy of the Russian Federation has opened in South Ossetia

Materials from the Archives of foreign policy of the Russian Empire dedicated to the 270th anniversary of the First Embassy of Ossetia in St. Petersburg were presented at the South Ossetian National Museum.

The presentation was attended by President of the Republic Anatoly Bibilov, Russian Ambassador to South Ossetia Marat Kulakhmetov, Prime Minister Eric Pukhaev, Foreign Minister Dmitry Medoev and others.

Anatoly Bibilov expressed gratitude to Marat Kulakhmetov, with whose assistance the materials were transferred to the museum.