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Bloody Christmas of 1991

07/01/2012 - 11:53

Genocide: as it was. 21 year later
Christmas of 1991 added a bloody page in the history of Ossetia.
January, 6, 1991 – is the beginning of the overt armed aggression of Georgia against the people of South Ossetia. On the night of January, 6 internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR, which had had to support stability, without notice of the Republican leadership deserted their posts and went to the barracks. At 4 o'clock in the morning 3-thousand group of the Georgian militia among which there were the Georgian gunmen, criminals and addicts, amnestied the day before and disguised as militiamen, entered the town. They had considerable quantity of military equipment and dogs. Georgian "militia" occupied the central part of the town, blocked all roads and crossroads. Tortures, arrests, violence, murders, arsons began. In the afternoon of January, 6 the Georgian "militiamen" opened fire on the unarmed people. One man was killed, several were wounded. Their first victim became Kochiev Grisha Fedorovich, 32 years old, an inhabitant of Tskhinval, who under fire had covered his children with his body. The same night four persons were also wounded.

Georgy Kabisov: Rapid and reliable information should promptly reach the reader

23/07/2010 - 16:58

Today, on 23 July, is the 104th anniversary of the first Ossetian newspaper "Iron gazet". The Chairman of the State Committee for information, communication and media of the Republic of South Ossetia told journalists about the problems and perspectives of the work in this sector.

- 23 July is annually celebrated as the Day of Media in our Republic. Taking into account the recent tragedy killing our compatriots, we decided to postpone the event for a later date. I am running dew steps forward to say that we will be celebrating our media holiday wider and wider every year. Because, the contribution of journalists into the development of our Republic is immense, and so far, this input has not found due appreciation. This year, due to the reasons I have mentioned, we decided to limit the events only to the official part, that is to awarding of media representatives with state awards.

A year after the first IPRM meeting

27/04/2010 - 11:09

The first Incident Prevention and Response Mechanism (IPRM) meeting was held 23 April 2009 in the village of Ergneti adjacent to the borderline with South Ossetia. The agreement on the Mechanism was reached at Geneva discussions on security in the Caucasus. Representatives of authorities of South Ossetia and Georgia, Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation, as well as officials from the OSCE and EU. The aim of the IPRM, as seen by the initiators, is to defuse tensions and facilitate confidence building between South Ossetia and Georgia.