The letter of Minister of Foreign Affairs RSO Murat Jioev to the General Secretary of the United Nations Sir Pan Gi Moon

Fri, 28/09/2007 - 15:47

Minister of Foreign Affairs Republic of South Ossetia Murat Jioev has sent the letter to the General Secretary of the United Nations Sir Pan Gi Moon. Similar letters was addressed to the Chairman of OSCE Migel Anhel Moratinos and to the President the PACE Rene Van der Linden.
This is the full version of the letter:
Your Excellency, Mr. General Secretary,
Allow us to express to you our highest esteem. We deem it absolutely necessary and urgent to draw your attention to the increasing tension in the zone of the Georgian-Ossetian conflict caused by the aggressive political course regarding the Republic of South Ossetia, the policy to which the Georgian authorities are adhered and to remind you of the unconstructive position taken by Georgia in the Georgian-Ossetian conflict settlement process and in the normalization of the Georgian-Ossetian relations in general.
South Ossetia has repeatedly appealed to the international community calling for paying a serious attention to the negative dynamics in the development of the situation. Georgia’s flat refusal to sign the Agreement on Non-use of Force suggested by South Ossetia’s leadership is without doubt manifest of Georgia’s continued adherence to the scenario implying use of force considering the latter as a real way of the Georgian-Ossetian conflict resolution. Moreover, in violation of the earlier signed agreements Georgia, having concentrated its military units along the South Ossetia’s borderline and on the close approaches to its capital – Tskhinval, uses them for a systematic increase of the situation. The above said units have become the main destabilizing factor and a major threat to the security of the population in the zone of conflict. The now existing highly explosive situation is further aggravated with Ossetians and Georgians falling victims to the military provocations organized by the units and another military confrontation is practically being provoked.
Together with all the above said the Georgian authorities while having access to the highest international forums are trying to drive the international community to a dangerous misinformation as regards those to blame of the emergence of the critical situation or their own intentions and the real state of affairs in the Georgian – Ossetian conflict resolution process by making an attempt to pass the desired for the reality.
The incident that took place in the evening of 26 September this year is a significant enough proof of all the above said.
At 20.30 the Georgian units made another attempt of invading South Ossetia’ territory at the same time subjecting the southern residential districts of Tskhinval adjacent to the Georgian territory to a massive two hours’ shelling with the use of small arms and heavy artillery. Several peaceful residents were wounded as a result of the shelling and a few houses damaged. Tskhinval came under shelling exactly at the time when Georgia’s president Saakashvili was about to make a report devoted to peace building in the conflicts resolution, to the building of democracy in Georgia and in Burma and to the right to freedom and a peaceful life before the UN General Assembly. Besides the provocation, presenting a real threat of a new bloodshed was to distract, in the Georgian authorities’ opinion, the attention of the international community from the serious political scandal connected with the accusations incriminated to Georgia’s president.
Your Excellency,
More than enough grounds are available for stating that Georgia being an aggressor-state is the major threat to the stability of the political situation in the South Caucasus. It is necessary to note that Georgia got the international recognition of its sovereignty and became a UN member-state at the time when its authorities unleashed a military aggression against the peoples of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. No change of power in the latest history of this state has been carried out with the observance of the basic democratic principles and norms. Democracy level in today’s Georgia is in reality very far from that declared by its leadership. The actions performed by Georgia in relation with other states and their peoples are in absolute contradiction to her peaceful assurances voiced from important international forums and intended for the detached onlookers’ attention.
The existing situation could be overcome by means of attracting a most serious attention of the international community to it and by an adequate pressure brought by important international democratic structures and institutions. In this connection for the observance of the objectivity principle it is supposed absolutely necessary that all the sides in the state of unsettled conflicts with Georgia were given a possibility to directly apply the international community in order to express their stand and their own view of the ways of conflicts fair settlement.

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