Eduard Kokoity: "If new authorities in Georgia are sane and adequate, we will be participating in a peace dialogues with the new authorities"

Sun, 12/04/2009 - 15:28

"Georgia had not yet turned into a real state and is now in a deep political crisis", said President of South Ossetian Eduard Kokoity commenting the political situation in Georgia.
"Rallies are being held in Tbilisi, the Georgian opposition demands for resignation of international criminal Saakashvili. He is responsible for victims of Georgian aggression," said Eduard Kokoity.
"In South and North Ossetia, the population is concerned about the last two day events and protest rallies in Georgia. Georgia tends to interpret this differently, as if Russia had started some actions against Georgia. There is nothing of the kind. The situation in South Ossetia is normal and calm. There are certain structures willing to destabilize the situation in South Ossetia".

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