The reconstruction of Tskhinval to start on 1 May

Tue, 28/04/2009 - 17:28

The reconstruction of buildings destroyed during the Georgian aggression will start this week from 1 May, stated the RSO President Eduard Kokoity at today’s session of the government. He noted that the funding officially starts on 1 May and 790 mil rouble had been already allocated.
”the fund allocation scheme had been set, and the spendings will be under a joint strict control. There should be transparency in place. Many things depend on how effectively wed are able to work”, said Eduard Kokoity.
Roman Panov, the Deputy Minister for Regional Development of the Russian Federation, head of interagency commission, spoke about the reconstruction plan in details.
”The funding is open and the first tranche of 790 mil rouble were already transferred to the National Bank of the RSO. This commits us to be more principal in our work with contractors. We had held meetings with almost all contractors engaged in the works in South Ossetia. We request those who are responsible for controlling whole construction sites or even sections, to consider the necessity to increase the number of personnel and machinery available with their organizations and to follow the timing and due implementation of works. We have passed through a long path to the opening of funding, we have jointly toughened the system of fund allocation and now this system is as transparent as possible”, said Roman Panov.
In his turn, Eudard Kokoity addressed heads of local administrations to carry out a respective work with the population to clarify the issues related of private housing reconstruction.
”We should carry out a joint work with the reconstruction committee and social services to inform the population who lost their houses with an individual approach to everyone. Today, there is a plan for priority steps, there are several projects worked out. But we have take into consideration the opinion of those affected in order not to have any complaints or protests after. All houses will be reconstructed, but this will be done in stages. We cannot cover all 686 houses at once. We will be also imposing strict conditions, since we are the guarantors of implementation of agreements between the contractor and the house owner. The heads of administrations will be held responsible for any problematic issues”, said Kokoity.
The government session also stressed that “the reconstruction project also includes building up of a new water headgate and rehabilitation of Edis-Tskhinval water pipeline. Yesterday, we also checked the state of the headgate of Edis water pipeline and found the need in its full rehabilitation. Rehabilitation works will be carried out along the pipeline. We had also decided to replace the whole system of water, sanitation and power infrastructure. It will be done step by step, in order to ensure effectiveness. There should not be half-way decisions, since we do this work for ourselves and for the future. We should compensate the time that we lost”, said the President. As a first step, the President tasked Alan Koiev, the Minister for Transportation, to clean up Edis-Erman part of the road.
The president had also pointed to the insufficient supply of Edis inhabitants with medicines, and tasked the Health and Social development minister Nugzar Gabaraev to supply all villages with necessary medicines.

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