Vadim Brovtsev: Let the New Year bring South Ossetia more progress, success and new achievements!

Sun, 01/01/2012 - 20:24

Acting President of South Ossetia has addressed to people of the Republic with the New Year congratulation. First of all, V. Brovtsev has reminded that, in view of the prevailing socio-political situation, December 11, 2011, he was charged with the duty of the head of the state, and he intends to carry out his powers strictly within the legal boundaries, in accordance with the Constitution of South Ossetia.

"In less than three months the elections of the President of South Ossetia will be held. I, as the Acting President of the Republic, will do the best to prevent a power vacuum in the country", - Brovtsev said. He has characterized 2011 as the complicated for South Ossetia and has expressed his gratitude to population of the Republic, because they, along with the leadership of South Ossetia found strength to overcome difficulties, move forward and develop a strong, modern state. "We are able to create a sustainable economy based on the innovative principles, do everything to make everyone's life has become comfortable and safe", - he has underlined. Brovtsev is convinced of that no matter what difficulties await the Republic in the future, the Ossetian people are able to cope with them and the state will do everything necessary for this purpose. He sincerely wished the people of South Ossetia all the best:
"Let the issues that we had to remain in the past, and let the New Year bring us more success, good luck and new achievements! New Year – is a family holiday, and let it bring confidence in the future, peace and prosperity, faith, hope and love to each family. Happy New Year, dear friends! "

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