Society of the South Ossetians-Bulgarian Friendship was named after Professor Murat Sanakoev

Tue, 09/04/2013 - 10:59

Prospects for the development of scientific and cultural relations between South Ossetia and Bulgaria were discussed by participants of the extended meeting of the Society of the South Ossetian-Bulgarian Friendship, held in the South Ossetian Research Institute.

Having opened the meeting, a Chairman of the Association, director of the South Ossetian Research Institute, Candidate of History, Associate Professor Robert Gagloev briefed members of the Society and the invited on the ongoing work on the establishment of scientific, cultural and friendly ties with Bulgaria, noting that the Ossetians and the Bulgarians had much in common in history.
Deputy Chairman of the Society Inal Pliev told about the formation of the organization, the contribution of its first chairman, a prominent Ossetian scientist, doctor of history, professor Murat Sanakoev (now deceased), the new plans of cooperation with Bulgaria in the scientific and cultural fields.
Chief researcher of the South Ossetian Research Institute, Candidate of Philology, Academician Nafi Dzhussoyty, a researcher of the history department of the Institute Irina Bigulaeva and others shared their memories and ideas on the Ossetian-Bulgarian relations. Following the discussion, the activity of the Association was highly evaluated.
The participants of the meeting noted that the Bulgarian people in the heroic struggle for freedom had overcome many difficulties and, despite everything, had built the independent state. Though those events took place over a hundred years ago, people in Bulgaria have been taking to heart those events, vividly and emotionally; in the country are actively published historical materials dedicated to the heroes of Bulgaria's liberation, including the Ossetians – the Vladikavkaz Cavalry Regiment soldiers of the Caucasian Cossack division of the Russian army and the irregular Ossetian volunteer battalion. According to the participants, such careful attention to the history of Bulgarians is taken by the Ossetians with great respect and warmth.
Robert Gagloev proposed to name the Society after Murat Sanakoev, given his great achievements in the development of the Ossetian science and in the revival of the South Ossetian -Bulgarian friendship. The proposal was unanimously accepted. It will now be called the Society of the South Ossetian-Bulgarian Friendship named after Professor Murat Sanakoev.

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