South Ossetian President visited the villages of South Ossetia

Mon, 09/09/2013 - 12:23

The delegation of South Ossetia led by President Leonid Tibilov has visited the South Ossetian villages in Bikar gorge, particularly the villages Chalisuban, Archnaret and Wilda, which have recently been electrified by the State Unitary Enterprise ( SUE ) "Energy Resources - South Ossetia" on the instruction of the head of state.

The trip was attended by the Parliament Speaker Stanislav Kochiev, head of the Presidential Executive Office Boris Chochiev, Security Council Secretary Anatoly Pliev, First Deputy Prime Domenty Kulumbegov, Attorney General Merab Chigoev, the head of SUE " Energy Resources - South Ossetia" Alan Gabaraev, head of the Tskhinval district administration Alan Pliev.
Leonid Tibilov has talked with residents of the villages, noting that the government of the Republic will pay special attention to the residents of the remote villages.
"We will create all the necessary conditions for the residents of these villages," - said Tibilov.
Residents of Bikar gorge, in turn, told the head of state, that their villages had been electrified after a twenty-year breakdown.
Local residents have also told about their problems related to poor transport service and road conditions.
Tibilov has assured the villagers that the government of the Republic will make every effort to solve their pressing problems.
"Over the past year, about 15 mountain villages in South Ossetia were electrified - said Tibilov. - Certain steps have already been taken, was raised the salary of social workers, pensions. We work hard to address the pressing issues in a short time."
The villagers also pointed out the lack of medical facilities in rural areas.
Tibilov has noted that soon Russian doctors will arrive in South Ossetia to carry out prophylactic medical examinations of the population.
He has added that at the end of September in Tskhinval will be held a meeting of the Intergovernmental Commission for socio- economic co-operation between South Ossetia and Russia, which, in particular, will focus on the development of villages.

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