In South Ossetia are concerned about military support to Georgia by Western countries - presidential envoy

Wed, 17/09/2014 - 11:21

Any military support to Georgia is an alarming factor for South Ossetia, said Presidential Envoy of South Ossetia for post-conflict settlement Murat Dzhioev at a meeting with the UN, OSCE and the EU Co-Chairs of the Geneva Discussions.

He has stressed, that in South Ossetia with concern reacted to the statements made by some international organizations at the NATO summit, noting that they are regarded as support to Georgia.
"The current situation around us is not stable. Rapprochement between Georgia and NATO cannot but worry us, as in 2008, Georgia used Western weapons against us. Any military support to Georgia is an alarming factor for us. In this regard, our work in the framework of the Geneva discussions becomes more important, and we must ensure that neither party will use weapons,"- said Dzhioev.
He has assured that the South Ossetian leadership attaches great importance to the Geneva discussions, and their results depend on many security issues in the region.
"The important component of security is a stable situation on the border, issues of the missing citizens of South Ossetia, exchange of prisoners and to establish a climate of confidence between the parties. South Ossetia and Georgia are neighboring countries, and we must do everything that our countries may live in peace. Our task is to consolidate the peace reached six years ago by legal guarantees "- said the envoy.
Dzhioev has assured the South Ossetian side is always ready for productive work,
noting that in the Republic are anxiously watching the situation in Ukraine, hoping that people of the Donetsk People1`s Republic and the Luhansk People1`s Republic will achieve peace and tranquility.
The EU Co-Chair Herbert Salber, in turn, has assured that all parties to the Geneva discussions are confident that these talks are important.
"At the same time, there are a number of obstacles that we must overcome. Much still needs to be discussed. And we hope that for the next round of negotiations, we will be able to do it, "- said Salber.
The OSCE Co-Chair Angelo Gnedinger has noted the important work of the Mechanisms for preventing and responding to incidents. He is confident that the MPRI activities should be continued.
"Security in the region is an important priority in our work, and our common goal is to maintain stability. I think that joint efforts will help to overcome all difficulties, "- he said.
The 29 round of the Geneva discussions will be held on October 7-8.

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