Leonid Tibilov: Russia does not need a troubled neighbor. Our strength is in the stability and adherence to the law

Sat, 25/03/2017 - 10:09

The relations between South Ossetia and Russia are highly valued by the President of the Russian Federation and, of course, Vladimir Putin is interested in ensuring stability in the Republic, a calm situation," said South Ossetian President Leonid Tibilov during a press conference in Tskhinval.
"If the state is not calm and stable, all other issues can also go to the background," the president said. "And Russia is interested in keeping us stable and calm here."
The head of state said that he condemns all illegal actions, by anyone.
"I condemn the unlawful actions on whose part they were not, and actions that are incompatible with the principles of life in our society," Tibilov stressed.
The President recalled his address to the people and participants of the election campaign in January 2017.
"I called for to approach the elections in a calm atmosphere, so that people could choose the most worthy of the candidates," said Tibilov. "And of course, as President, I make every effort to create all the conditions for the free expression of the people's will in full compliance with the electoral legislation."
The head of state has noted that representatives of the government of South Ossetia are negotiating with ex-president Eduard Kokoity and his supporters in order to defuse the pre-election tension in the country.
"We are ready to settle the issues peacefully," continued Tibilov. "I believe that Eduard Kokoity and his supporters will not try to aggravate the situation. And this is when our relations with the Russian Federation reached a very high level, and nobody has the right to question them ".

Катерина Пухаева
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