LPR is the Republic of which the people dreamed - Pasechnik

Wed, 19/12/2018 - 15:36

The head of the Lugansk People's Republic, Leonid Pasechnik, at the end of his official visit to South Ossetia, shared with journalists his plans for the implementation of joint agreements.

“We intend to implement joint efforts to integrate with the Russian Federation, to raise the standard of living of the people, that will be a strong support for further recognition,” said Pasechnik.

In his opinion, the conflict in the Donbas could have been completed earlier by joint efforts.

“Then we would have already built a garden city, a republic-paradise. We are struggling for our history, for our ancestors and think about our descendants. We stand for faith. I think it’s worthwhile to carry out further work in this direction,” said Pasechnik.

He has stressed that the LPR today is the republic of which its people dreamed.

On Wednesday, has been completed the official visit of the IPR delegation to South Ossetia.

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