The issue of preparation for the 100th anniversary of the Ossetian people’s genocide was discussed in the Parliament

Wed, 20/11/2019 - 18:09

The issue of preparing for the 100th anniversary of the tragic date - the genocide of the Ossetian people of 1920-1921 was discussed at a meeting of the Committee on National Politics, Culture, Religion and the Media, the press service reported.

The Chairman of the relevant Committee, Amiran Dyakonov, has reminded that next year South Ossetia will mark a memorable tragic date - the centenary of the Ossetian people in 1920, which was carried out by the authorities of the Menshevik Georgia and suggested discussing the issues related to the commemorative events that will mark the important in history South Ossetian people date.

"The problem is that not condemning a crime always generates another crime, and not condemning the genocide committed by the Georgian leadership against the people of South Ossetia in 1920, served to ensure that the Ossetian people subsequently underwent assimilation and comprehensive infringement of the inalienable rights of our people," he said.

Dyakonov has also explained that after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1989-1992. a bloody war broke out in South Ossetia, as a result of which the Ossetian people proclaimed their independence. Later in 2008, the independence of South Ossetia was recognized by the Russian Federation.

“There is close interaction between the state authorities of South Ossetia and the Russian Federation, including on the issue of genocide. The Parliament of South Ossetia sent a corresponding appeal on the recognition of the genocide of South Ossetians in 1920 by Georgian nationalists to the State Duma of the Russian Federation and the Council of the Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation,” he added.

According to the Chairman of the Committee, this tragic date requires certain measures to perpetuate and memorialize the memory of the victims of the genocide. In addition, he asked the representatives of the Executive power, who were present at the meeting, to formulate and submit an action plan so that the deputies could get acquainted with it.

Minister of culture Zhanna Zasseeva presented the plan of commemorative events to the deputies, who noted that this is one of the tragic pages in the life of every person living in Ossetia and considering himself an Ossetian, wherever he may be. She recalled that a Commission on memorialization of the genocide of the Ossetian people was formed under the government of the RSO.

The composition of this Commission included representatives of scientific and creative intelligentsia, scientists, historians, lawyers, as well as representatives of the executive and legislative branches of government. The commission developed an exemplary action plan, the main task of which was to bring to the international community the information on the historical truth about the genocide, which was committed against Ossetians in 1920 by the leadership of Menshevik Georgia On the basis of all the collected materials, it is necessary to seek condemnation of the genocide of Ossetians by the international community.

Zasseeva acquainted the participants in detail with the plan for preparing for this tragic date, which includes rallies, processions and other forms of public gatherings. In addition, memorial services will be held in churches , round tables, scientific and practical conferences with the participation of scientific and creative intelligentsia, exhibitions and expositions of paintings and photos reflecting the genocide of the Ossetian people, screening of documentaries, literary evenings of Ossetian poets, thematic Requiem concert programs, tree planting in memory alleys and much more.

In turn, the Dhairman of the State Committee for Information and Press, Maria Kotaeva, acquainted the deputies with a list of books to be published by this date according to the plan.

At the same time, Amiran Dyakonov has expressed concern that financial resources have not yet been included in the budget of the Republic to carry out all these events. He has stressed that this issue is crucial - the recognition of the Ossetian genocide by the international community and the work in this direction should be coordinated and continued in all directions.

The Committee was attended by deputies Dzambulat Medoev and Malkhaz Gagloev, as well as director of the State Television and Radio Company “Ir” Georgy Kelekhsaev and director of the news agency “Res” Maya Kharebova.

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