The Memorial Complex to the Defenders of the Fatherland was solemnly opened in South Ossetia

Fri, 21/05/2021 - 16:51

The grand opening of the Memorial Complex to the Defenders of the Fatherland is taking place in the capital of South Ossetia.

The ceremony is attended by the leadership of South Ossetia headed by President Anatoly Bibilov, a delegation of the Russian Federation headed by Deputy Minister of Economic Development Sergei Nazarov, Russian Ambassador to South Ossetia Marat Kulakhmetov, Ambassador of the Republic of Abkhazia to South Ossetia - Alan Elbakiev, Head of the Official Representation of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic in South Ossetia - Alan Pliev and others. There were relatives, parents of the deceased Defenders from all over the Republic and from Russia. It would be especially noted the presence at the event of Alyosha Ivanov's parents, who come to South Ossetia every year to share the pain of the same parents and support each other with their sympathy.

A solemn laying of wreaths at the Memorial took place.

The memorial complex was opened by President of South Ossetia Anatoly Bibilov, the head of the Russian delegation Sergei Nazarov, war veterans Bala Bestaev, Valik Chibirov, Sergei Ivanov, cadet Alan Chochiev, a serviceman of the South Ossetian army Vadim Tabuev, a serviceman of the 4th military guards base Sergei Novikov.

Addressing the audience, Anatoly Bibilov stressed that "the significance of the opening of the Memorial cannot be overestimated."

"This is a monument to those who fell defending the Fatherland since 1989, when the Georgian government decided to exclude the existence of the Ossetians and began to act and continued the destruction until 2008. In 1992, peacekeeping forces entered South Ossetia. This stopped Georgia's aggressive attempts to destroy the South Ossetians., allowed the people of South Ossetia to breathe ... But, unfortunately, the desire of the next rulers of Georgia for the final destruction of the Republic of South Ossetia continued - this was 2004, 2006, and the climax was 2008. The first being destroyed were peacekeepers who had been maintaining fragile peace that allowed people to live. They began to destroy the civilian population, we all remember well the artillery shelling of the Grad system, bombs, aviation on the night of August 7-8. As a result, the top leadership of the Russian Federation decided to force Georgia in peace - Russian troops entered forced Georgia to peace. From that moment began the peaceful life of South Ossetia ... We say the words of thanks to the Russian people, the top political leadership of Russia, to the soldiers, officers and generals who went into battle and gave their lives, "Bibilov said.

The head of state expressed gratitude to the Russian leadership for their support in the construction of the Memorial Complex.

"The monument is the memory of all the defenders of the Fatherland who died - both Russia and South Ossetia. Relatives of worthy children who gave their lives for the independence of South Ossetia can come here and once again honor their memory," Bibilov said.

The President has also recalled the Zar tragedy, the 29th anniversary of which was celebrated the day before. And he has called on the younger generation to be worthy of the memory of the fallen.

The head of the Russian delegation, Sergei Nazarov, has noted that today is a significant day for South Ossetia, for every citizen.

“We are opening a Memorial Complex in honor of strong-minded people and true heroes of our time - the defenders of South Ossetia. They stopped bloodshed, ensured the security and sovereignty, stability and future of this country ... Russian soldier was the first to respond to trouble and came to the rescue, they also died here, following their moral principles. The leadership of South Ossetia, represented by President Anatoly Ilyich, has made an important decision for future generations - to immortalize the memory in bronze. Descendants should know; therefore, the Russian side unconditionally supported the construction of this symbol of life,” Nazarov said.

The memorial complex to the defenders of South Ossetia, perished during the Patriotic War, starting in 1989 and ending with hostilities in August 2008, was built as part of the Russian Investment Program to promote the socio-economic development of the Republic on Tuganov Street.

On the same day, members of the Russian delegation, accompanied by Prime Minister of South Ossetia Gennady Bekoev and South Ossetian ministers, will visit the facilities of the Investment Programs to promote socio-economic development of the Republic.

In the evening, the Russian delegation will be invited to attend the performance "Don Juan" at the Kosta Khetagurov State Drama Theater.

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