A human skull was found over a high-mountain village in Leningor district of South Ossetia

Wed, 11/08/2021 - 15:55

Russian border guards found a structure similar to a dugout, inside which a human skull was found, while bypassing the state border of South Ossetia over the high-mountain village of Aleu in Leningor district, Alan Kulumbegov, the district prosecutor, told the IA “Res”.

Representatives of the Prosecutor General's Office, together with the border guards, will go to the place of detection on Wednesday to examine the materials on the spot.

"We have received the information from the border guards. Who they belong to is to be found out Presumably, the human remains dating back to the 90s of the 20th century belong to one of the citizens of South Ossetia. We will raise all the materials of the cases of people who are listed missing in the territory of Leningor district, " the prosecutor said.

According to him, the remains will be sent for examination, after which its results will be compared with the data of DNA tests of relatives of South Ossetian citizens, who are considered missing.

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