The Republic of South Ossetia will be part of its historical homeland - Russia, - Bibilov

Wed, 30/03/2022 - 20:02

President of South Ossetia Anatoly Bibilov said on Wednesday that unification with Russia is the strategic goal of the Republic, the relevant legal steps will be taken in the near future and the Republic of South Ossetia will be part of its historical homeland - Russia.

"Dear fellow citizens!

The Republic of South Ossetia, the Russian Federation, the whole world, are going through a turning point. The Russian world today is defending the interests of those who are committed to it, those who ate opposing Nazism, respecting universal human values ​​and the fundamental rights and norms accepted by the entire international community.

The first revival of the Russian world in recent history, the understanding that there is a line beyond which one cannot retreat, happened right here - in South Ossetia - in 2008, when Russia decided to protect the Ossetian people, recognize the independence of the Republic of South Ossetia, for which we will always be grateful to the leadership and people of the Russian Federation. Thank you, brothers and sisters!

It was a historic decision that gave the people of South Ossetia guarantees of peace and opportunities for development. However, the main historical and strategic goal of the Ossetian people, a divided people, is unification within the framework of one state. This state is the Russian Federation.

Our people have repeatedly designated this goal. We had the opportunity to make our age-old dream come true in 2014, when Crimea returned to its native harbor. We missed our opportunity then, but we can’t let this happen again!

I believe that unification with Russia is our strategic goal, our path, the aspirations of the people, and we will move along this path. We will take appropriate legal steps in the near future. The Republic of South Ossetia will be part of its historical homeland - Russia," the President said in a statement released by his press service.

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