Boundless gratitude and appreciation: The Fund of the Wounded - to the doctors of South Ossetia and Russia

Sun, 19/06/2022 - 19:16

Medical workers of South Ossetia can rightly and without exaggeration be called heroes of all times and peoples, said Madina Plieva, the head of the Fund for Support of the Wounded who became disabled during hostilities on the territory of South Ossetia from 1989 to 2008.

According to her, the South Ossetian doctors showed miracles of heroism and professionalism during the years of the Georgian aggression, while not looking at the national sign of the wounded.

“They treated both the Ossetian and the same Georgian in the same way, who just shot at people of the Ossetian nationality. I remember that in the 1990s, the guys and I brought the wounded man, one of our defenders of the Fatherland, right behind us, the guys brought the wounded Georgian to the hospital. But our doctors provided all the necessary assistance to both. The Hippocratic oath and high human qualities did not allow them to overstep moral and ethical principles. They have always shown high professionalism in their work,” Plieva shared her memories with IA “Res”.

The head of the Foundation has stressed that South Ossetian doctors, in the most difficult and unsuitable conditions for conducting operations, healed people and put them on their feet. And today they are faithful to good traditions, profession and duty.

“You have been accomplishing a feat every day saving people’s lives, with your right methods you give a chance for a future life to the citizens of the Republic, inspire hope for recovery, give them a full life, the opportunity to enjoy every new day. And it's worth it," she said.

As noted by Plieva, South Ossetian medical workers, including emergency medical workers, showed unprecedented courage and heroism during the coronavirus pandemic.

“This invisible enemy did not spare the doctors themselves. Unfortunately, many could not overcome the disease... And in this difficult time, the medical workers rallied, and despite the fatigue, inconvenience, and discomfort while working in the "space suit", as they called their special uniform, they worked around the clock. Many have not seen their families, small children, sick parents for months. But they continued to fulfill their professional duty with honor, fighting diseases and the insidious coronavirus. Thank you very much,” said Madina Plieva.

The head of the Fund believes that words of gratitude to doctors should be said every day, on every holiday. But, on this day, more than ever, it is important to once again express gratitude and gratitude to people who devote their lives to medicine.

“Your work is priceless just like the life and health of people, dear “angels in white coats.” The guys who became disabled during the hostilities remember very well everyone who gave them a second chance to live and work for the benefit of the independent Republic of South Ossetia. Even today they need the help of medical workers, and their gratitude to you, the doctors of South Ossetia and Russia, is boundless. Thank you for your tireless work,” she said.

Madina Plieva and representatives of the Foundation for the Support of the Wounded, who became disabled during the hostilities on the territory of the Republic of South Ossetia from 1989 to 2008, wish health workers, strong strength, optimism and self-confidence.

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