In South Ossetia has been recorded the fact of violation of airspace by Georgia

Mon, 29/08/2022 - 18:17

The unmanned aerial vehicle violated the airspace of South Ossetia over the territory of the settlement of Uista the night before. This was reported at the meeting of President Alan Gagloev with the heads of law enforcement agencies, the head of the KGB Border Service Valery Alikhanty.

“From August 21 to August 28, the situation on the border of South Ossetia with Georgia remained stable and predictable. The border patrols continue to record the activities of the representatives of the European Union Mission, who, together with the Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs, carry out surveillance, photo and video recording in the border area from various positions, including using unmanned aerial vehicles,” Alikhanty said.

He noted that “yesterday, at 22.15 in the South Ossetian settlement of Uista, the aircraft-type drone was recorded flying from the Georgian villages of Sachkhere, Chorchana, violating the airspace deep into the territory of South Ossetia.”

“The information has also been received about the setting up of control posts of the Georgian police on the roads leading to the border area. Thus, the checkpoints are setting up during daylight hours, and a team of up to 4 employees in a Toyota Hilux car checks the documents of persons traveling to border settlements in order to exclude the arrival of members of public organizations and their provocative actions at the state border, Alikhanty has emphasized.

According to him, the posts were set up on the northwestern outskirts of the Mtskhetisjvari settlement of the Khashuri municipality of Georgia, on the northern and northeastern outskirts of the Tsabli settlement of the Khashuri municipality, etc.

Alikhanty has also provided information on the functioning of the Razdakhan and Pereu simplified crossing points of the state border of South Ossetia and Georgia.

"From August 20 to August 28, 3026 people and three vehicles crossed the state border crossing points, "Razdakhan" — 2712 people, of which 1316 people entered and 1396 people left, "Pereu" — 314, of which 157 — for entry, and the same number for departure," he has reported.

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