"The non-healing wound in the heart": the memory of the victims of the Zar tragedy was honored in South Ossetia

Sat, 20/05/2023 - 23:49

A terrible crime against humanity took place in South Ossetia 31 years ago, the tragedy has remained the unhealed wound in our hearts, President of the Republic Alan Gagloev said on Saturday, speaking at the rally in memory of the victims of the Zar tragedy.

“Our people suffered many losses as a result of the Georgian aggression. We must not forget the tragedy that happened to our people on May 20, 1992. Our duty today is to stand next to each other, improve life in our Republic, create a better future for the younger generation,” the President said.

On Saturday, the leadership of South Ossetia and the Russian Embassy, a delegation from North Ossetia-Alania, representatives of the ministries and departments of the Republic, the public and schoolchildren laid flowers and wreaths at the monument to the innocently killed at the hands of Georgian aggressors in the village of Zar, Tskhinval district., after which the mourning meeting took place.

The Chairman of the "Supreme Council of Ossetians" Kazbek Enaldiev has noted that the south and north of Ossetia have one heart, one pain.

“We will not forget the innocent victims of this tragedy. They will remain in the history of Ossetia. We, in turn, must be united today and do everything possible for the bright future of our people,” he said.

Marina Kochieva spoke on behalf of the relatives of those killed in the Zar tragedy.

“An avalanche of Ossetian blood descended at this place 31 years ago. Our southern neighbors, the Georgian fascists, did not have enough blood that was shed in previous years - in the Tsinagar and Yered tragedies, in the 20s. This terrible tragedy happened. In an instant, we lost our loved ones and relatives, sisters, brothers, fathers, mothers. They did not spare even small children. No matter how many years pass, this wound will never heal in our hearts,” Kochieva said.

A poetess Olga Chekhoeva also spoke at the commemorative event.

Those present at the rally observed a minute of silence for the victims of the Zar and Yered tragedies, as well as for the Ossetian fighters perished during the special military operation.

. On May 20, 1992, during the Georgian aggression on the bypass road near the village of Zar, civilians who tried to escape from the blockaded Tskhinval to Russia were shot from an ambush.

36 people were killed (according to other sources - 33 people). Among the perished were mostly women, children and the elderly. Over the years, this crime has remained unpunished.

A memorial complex was opened at the place  of the tragedy on September 17, 2007. The author of the memorial project is the artist Sarmat Zasseev, who was assisted by the artists Tamerlan Tskhovrebov, Nikolai Ikoev and Akhsartag Alborov. The sculpture depicts a mother covering her child, who extended her hand to God in search of protection and patronage. At the bottom of the pedestal is a list of the victims of the Zar tragedy.

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