Gold medal and new agreements: Taimuraz Goginov on the results of South Ossetia's participation in the BEER 2023 Forum

Thu, 25/05/2023 - 15:40

The products of the company "The High-mountain Kel brewery" received the highest awards at the XXIII International Forum "BEER - 2023" in Sochi, the trade representative of the Republic in Russia Taimuraz Goginov told the news agency "Res" .

At the largest specialized exhibition event of the beer industry in Russia, the hop products of South Ossetia were presented for the first time.

"The product reviews were only positive. For the excellent quality of beer, the "IRYSTON LAGER LIGHT" variety was awarded a gold medal. The exhibition itself was held at a good level, we are satisfied with everything. Our compatriots, representatives of the Ossetian diaspora in Sochi, also came to support us," Goginov said.

According to the trade representative, the Forum was productive and many negotiations were held on its ground.

“We have agreed on cooperation with companies from Yekaterinburg, Omsk and the Perekrestok federal network,” Goginov said.

He has added that the High-mountain Kel Brewery was awarded a diploma for fruitful work, professional contribution to the development of the beer industry and participation in the XXII International Forum "BEER - 2023".

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