The crime against humanity that shocks by its particular cruelty - Gagloev about the Ered tragedy

Mon, 18/03/2024 - 15:57

On the day of the Ered tragedy, South Ossetia commemorates its innocently murdered citizens year after year, announcing to the world about the gravest crime against humanity, which still shocks by its particular cruelty. This is stated in the address of President of the Republic Alan Gagloev in connection with the 33rd anniversary of the Ered tragedy.

On Monday, March 18, South Ossetia is commemorating the victims of one of the most monstrous and brutal crimes in the modern history of Ossetia. 25 people became victims of this inhumane event. The women and children were beaten, 12 men were buried alive after severe torture.

Gagloev has noted that despite the fact that many years have passed, the pain of residents of the Republic does not subside and will never subside.

“The fascist, misanthropic ideology of Georgia prioritized the mass extermination of South Ossetians. Our compatriots were killed only because of their nationality. Nazism became the basis of the state policy pursued by Georgia towards the Ossetian people,” the President has emphasized.

He has added that the flagrant human rights violations and international crimes committed by Georgia will never be forgotten.

“We must do everything to ensure that tragedies like Ered, Tsinagar and Zar never happen again. The world community must recognize and condemn the Ossetian genocide. Denial of historical facts and impunity for those who tried to destroy our people can give rise to new crimes. The memory of the innocent victims of fascism will forever remain in our hearts. We must remember and honor everyone,” the address of the South Ossetian leader reads.

On March 18, 1991, near the village of Ered, Tskhinval district of South Ossetia, Georgian armed forces seized a car with 25 civilians of Ossetian nationality.

The informals beat the women and children, but released them, and 12 men were taken away in an unknown direction.

For a long time the fate of the abducted was unknown. Searches by the South Ossetian law enforcement agencies and relatives of the captured citizens did not give any results.

Two years and two months later, thanks to the information received from anonymous sources, the burial place of the brutally tortured hostages was discovered.

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