The Commission on Cooperation between the Parliament of the Republic of South Ossetia and the Federation Council of the Russian Federation considered problematic issues through the Ministry of Health - Pliev

Tue, 23/04/2024 - 18:35

The issue of purchasing an angiograph for Ministry of Health of South Ossetia is being discussed with the Russian colleagues, the head of the Committee on Social Policy and Health Alexander Pliev said at the press conference in the Republic’s Parliament.

Pliev has noted that the problem was voiced the other day during the regular meeting of the Commission on Cooperation of Parliament of the Republic of South Ossetia and the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation.

“The acquisition of an angiograph is of great importance for us, because we send our citizens for treatment outside the Republic only because of this.And our Russian colleagues fully understand this issue. We were told to prepare documents, and they, in turn, promised to work out the issue through the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. I will solve the problem with the Minister of Health of our republic," Pliev said..

According to him, during the Commission meeting the issue of improving the qualifications of doctors from South Ossetia in Russian medical centers was also raised.

“There was a request that we agree with the leading medical centers of Russia about our doctors undergoing advanced training there. In this matter, we also found understanding from our colleagues, because medicine is moving forward, but our doctors are lagging behind in progress, so we need advanced training,” the parliamentarian has noted.

At the meeting, the issue of creating rehabilitation centers in South Ossetia has also been raised.

According to Pliev, such centers are necessary for the population of the Republic, including those guys, who will return from the special military operation.

“I will do everything possible to work through all these issues,” Pliev has emphasized.

The press conference was also attended by Finance Minister Dzambolat Tadtaev and Labor Minister Oleg Gagloev.

During the meeting, the parliamentarians gave certain recommendations to the ministers on relevant issues.

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