Archive - 20/5/2011

Fri, 20/05/2011 - 12:34

The citizens of Georgia have violated the border of South Ossetia through ignorance of the frontier rules

Four citizens of Georgia, who have been detained by the border guards of the Border service of KGB in the RSO for violating the frontier on 18 May, are feeling themselves well and have no claims concerning the prison conditions. The detainees themselves have told about it in the course of the meeting with the journalists in Tskhinval. They don`t speak Russian so they were associating with the journalists through the translator. According to the words of the 20-year- old inhabitant of the village Modzvi (Sachkherskiy region, Georgia) Nodzadze, early in the morning of the 18 of May, he went to the wood by minibus with the other villagers for picking up the .wild plants. «There were eleven of us in the minibus. We have arrived in the wood and began picking up the wild plants. Approximately .in half an hour the armed people in military form came up to the tree, on which I was at that moment, and offered me to come down ", - has told Nodzadze. He has reported that the shooting started at the moment of their detention, but being under stress he did not understand, who was shooting and what weapon it was "The people sitting in the minibus had no any weapon", - has confirmed Nodzadze.

Fri, 20/05/2011 - 11:00

The detained citizens of Georgia will be expelled from South Ossetia

Four citizens of Georgia detained on 18 May in South Ossetia for violating the boundary, will be expelled to the Georgian territory in the nearest future. It has been reported by the Deputy Head of the Border service of KGB in the RSO Robert Gazzaev. He has reported that the investigating measures were undertaken towards the detainees.

Fri, 20/05/2011 - 10:58

20 May 1992- is a bloody date of the modern history of Ossetia - Zarskaya tragedy

On the Day of memory and grief - 20 May in South Ossetia will be held the mourning events, dedicated to the 19-th anniversary of Zarskaya tragedy. As the Deputy Minister of Culture of the RSO Dzhulietta Dzheranova has reported IA "Res», the laying flowers and wreaths to the monument of the victims of Zarskaya tragedy will take place in the village Zar."A mourning meeting with the participation of the leadership of the Republic, the deputies of the parliament, the representatives of the government, and the public organizations of South Ossetia will be held there", - has said Dzheranova. She has noted that tomorrow since ten o`clock in the morning the buses will leave for the place of the tragedy- village Zar- from the central square of Tskhinval.