Anatoly Bibilov at the congress of the "United Ossetia" called for cooperation with all political forces


The past parliamentary elections in South Ossetia showed that the overwhelming majority of voters in the Republic had chosen a political force that favors the unification of two Ossetia, said Anatoly Bibilov, President of the Republic.

“The political forces that are in favor of ensuring that South Ossetia is developing as an independent state have not get a large number of votes, the majority voted for United Ossetia. The party has once again proved that it has significant support of the society,” said the head of South Ossetia.

On Sunday, Anatoly Bibilov took part in the VII Congress of the Republican political party "United Ossetia", where he congratulated the party members on a convincing victory.

“You have once again proved that people of South Ossetia support you, believe you and expect new success from you. I’m sure that every deputy from the United Ossetia party will be working closely with the political forces represented in the Parliament to work and make decisions which will allow us to do even more for the well-being of our people, "said Anatoly Bibilov.

Touching on the topic of the last election, the President has noted that the United Ossetia party was not engaged in dirty methods during the pre-election period.

“From the very beginning of your activity you didn’t depart from the aspirations of the people, you were always with them, you know the problems and solve them ...”, the President noted.

The head of state has expressed confidence that the party’s further steps will clearly see the line of unity with the people, the desire to help the people, and there will be a clear understanding of the United Ossetia deputies, that they work for the people.

"Our society is small and everyone sees what a political party or a single deputy is doing. Therefore, I urge newly elected deputies to be independent of political power, so that in their work they are primarily guided by the interests of the people, the interests of the Republic, and the principle unification of our society ", - said Bibilov.

The President has also expressed confidence that the majority party will continue to have the opportunity to work fruitfully.

"I am sure the party will have the opportunity to further strengthening the unity of our society, and in this I am grateful to you, because I believe that this, first of all, will help me as president of the Republic," said Anatoly Bibilov

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