Tue, 13/06/2006 - 10:50

On Friday evening the Georgian Special Forces carried out a regular sally in Znauri region that as usual resulted in shooting, beating for ethnic affiliation, blood shed, kidnapping of people and disturbance of peaceful population.
The comments on the event from different Georgian officials to representatives of mass-media were extremely diversified.
Initially the Ministry of Interior of Georgia was bewildered with the information about attacking the Ossetian check-point in the conflict zone and firing of vehicles. The Officer in Charge of the Ministry of Interior press-service Shota Khazanishvili informed RIA Novosti that there was no special operation and it was not clear how 60 soldiers of the Special Forces could attack Ossetian check point with four people. At the same time representatives of the special operational department of the Ministry of Interior of Georgia said that the special operation was being prepared during a month, during the operation one person was injured into his leg and was transported to Tbilisi and placed into the Clinical Hospital #1.
Another version was given by the deputy Governor of Shida Kartli Gela Zoziashvili. According to him, the detained person was currently in Tskhinvali region and had not been taken to Gori yet. He also refuted the information about the injures of the detainee.
Such a range of opinions about a single event as well as lack of logic is not surprising. How is it possible to deny provocative and criminal acts of Georgian Special Forces that were happening in front of many witnesses and were fixed by the representatives of OSCE?

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