The commentary of the Minister of Interior of RSO Mikhail Mindzaev

Fri, 29/02/2008 - 14:07

The Minister of Internal Affairs of RSO Mikhail Mindzaev gave comments to Republican mass media regarding an act of terrorism happened today in Dmenis village administration of Tskhinval district.
“After the arrival of investigation teems of RSO Ministry of Interior to the spot it was found out that in Dmenis village department happened explosion. The fact is that approximately at 11:00 Georgian side was transporting a TV set without any documents from Georgia proper to so called temporary administration of D. Sanakoev. When asked by order keeping representatives to show papers on TV set they said they forgot documents in Georgian town Gori. The TV set was seized and delivered to Dmenisi local police station to draw formal note of seizure. At that very moment an explosion set off”-the Minister said.
According to him “the character of organization of this explosion shoes it was well planned action of Georgian special services. Analogous action was organized towards Eric Dudaev on 16 December 2007. Presently this action is dated for Russian Federation presidential elections as in remote villages the elections are held today. Let me note that on 26 February this year the car of the chairman of “Edinstvo” party was blown up”.
“During his speech two days ago the President of Georgia M. Saakashvili noted that all citizens of the Republic of South Ossetia are bandits and ought to be destroyed. As I numerously stated before, Georgian special services made a list of South Ossetian Leadership and order keeping organs amenable to physical elimination. This list was disclosed by the Head of Georgian MIA Vano Merabishvili during his televised address. In this case the purpose of action was elimination of the Head of Dmenis militia department lieutenant colonel Tibilov”-he noted.
M. Mindzaev also added that “the work of investigation group is under way. All the posts of RSO MIA have been enlarged and organized interaction with all power structures. Unfortunately two militia servicemen died – Valter Alborov 34 year old and Sevastir Maldzigov 42 year old. Two policemen were heavily wounded and 15 people at the electoral point were slightly wounded. This terrorist action and the explosion of the car of “Edinstvo” party chairman have a purpose to wreck early RF presidential elections in South Ossetia”.

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