Eduard Kokoity: "There is no war threat and thus, there is no need for evacuation"

Tue, 24/03/2009 - 13:42

Today, there is no threat of resumption of hostilities between South Ossetia and Georgia, said RSO President Eduard Kokoity during the meeting with ministers and heads of departments.
"For quite a long time, rumors were spread that a war would start and the authorities did nothing to evacuate the population", said Eduard kokoity. "This is done to hamper the reconstruction processes in South Ossetia, to blow up the situation and hold the population under a constant fear. This is also related to demonstrative actions by the Georgian side when the build trenches and fortifications", said the President.
Eduard Kokoity tasked the Ministry for Foreign Affairs to issue a statement addressed to European Union and those military monitors who are located in the areas of Georgia adjacent to RSO to condemn their inaction.
"The Georgian side has been increasing its military presence and was conducting engineering works in the area of their responsibility. This issue should be raised and at the same time we should not frighten the population. We should focus on creation, building up and studies. And we do not have to busy with other inexistent problems", stressed Eduard Kokoity.

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