An RPG-22 grenade launcher found in an inhabited area of Tskhinval

Sat, 02/05/2009 - 15:55

At about 3 hrs p.m., in an inhabited area of Tskhinva in Komsomolskaya street (house no. 36), children had found an RPG-22 grenade launcher, reported the press-service of the RSO MoD.
”The combat engineers who arrived at the spot, verified that the grenade launcher RPG-22 was in a stowed status and it bore an inscription in Bulgarian language”, says the press-service report.
”It is known that Bulgaria supplied Georgia with weapons. It is unclear how a Bulgarian-made grenade launcher happened to appear at a rubbish damp in an inhabited аrea of the city, but it is definite that the consequences of the Georgian aggression are still visible”, the report stressed, adding that fortunately no one was injured. The grenade launcher had been brought to the quarter of combat engineer service to be then destroyed there.

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