Eduard Kokoity meets newly elected MPs

Mon, 15/06/2009 - 19:01

The RSO President Eduard Kokoitz met with newly elected members of Parliament (MPs). The president congratulated them on their victory in the Parliamentary Elections emphasizing the significant role and responsibility of the Parliament in the political life of South Ossetia.
"We have a huge work ahead and the main task of the Parliament is to consolidate the society as much as possible. The people followed you and they deserve gratitude for political wisdom, since the forces, which were not thinking about the people, did not join the Parliament. Let these people know that they will be brought account for all their pre-election statements. It is high time stop flinging mud at the people and the leadership of South Ossetia. I am firm in my position and call on you to be firm as well", said the President.
He underlined that the new Parliament should be more engaged in law-making process than were the previous MPs.
"All adopted law should be oriented at strengthening our statehood and creation of normal, favorable conditions for the population", stated Eduard Kokoity.

He called on the MPs to go more often to rural areas to meet population there. "I had many time met with the population throughout the pre-election campaign and I was asked questions, like "Who are our deputies and why do they remember us only in times of election?". We should and this notorious tradition. We should respect our electorate and prove that their choice was made to bring in changes. Therefore, I would kindly ask you visit rural areas to meet the people and know the problems on the ground, and then invite minister and heads of administrations to parliament sitting to hear from them about the results of their work", said the President.
He stated that he was ready to hand over certain powers to the Parliament to strengthen the position of the law-making body and its members.
"We should ask for more from the government. Each minister should feel his responsibility not only before the President, but also before the Parliament. I will be coordinating practically all nominations for the positions in the government with the Parliament", stressed the President.

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