South Ossetia still refuses to participate in Ergneti meetings

Tue, 23/06/2009 - 13:04

Today, on 23 June, upon the initiative of the EUMM, a meeting of the working group within the frames of Geneva Incident Prevention and Reaction Mechanism (IPRM) should have been held.
As reported by the Head of the Working Group for the South Ossetian side Merab Chigoev, the meeting was planned to take place in the village of Ergneti, on the territory adjacent to the border of South Ossetia.
“Upon our initiative, this meeting has been earlier postponed due to the non-constructive approach of the Georgian delegation”, emphasized Chigoev.
”We still know nothing about the fate of our citizens and this issue is crucial for us. We have repeatedly stated that before we got information on their whereabouts, we would not participate in these meetings. Our position remains irrevocable”, said Chigoev, adding that apart from this issue, the question with the meetings’ presidency has not been settled yet. “Due to the fact that our precondition are not met, we decided to decline this meeting too.”
The agreement on adopting a Mechanism for prevention and reaction to incidents was reached at the forth round of the Geneva talks on 17-18 February 2009. The first meeting took place on 23 April in Ergneti.

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