Eduard Kokoity received the delegation of the Federal Security (FSB) Border-Guard Service of the Russian Federation

Sat, 01/08/2009 - 12:21

The RSO President Eduard Kokoity received a delegation of the RF Federal Security Border-guard Service headed by Vladimir Pronichev, the Deputy Director of the Border-Guards Service, the RF FSB.
Eduard Kokoity expressed his gratitude to the visitors for assistance and rapid reaction following the agreements signed between the RF and RSO. "Border-guards of the RF demonstrated their professionalism. The population very positively perceives them. It contributes to stabilization of the situation and return of people to their previous places of residence”, stressed the President.

He underlined that the servicemen of the Border-Guard Service of the RF FSB Department in South Ossetia are working in close cooperation with the authorities of the republic. In his turn, Vladimir Pronichev emphasized that in compliance with all agreements concluded between the RF and SO leaders, the RF Border-guard troops had completed their deployment in South Ossetia, created necessary reserves and took over their duties to protect the state border of South Ossetia.
“We have completed the siting and will soon start building up the infrastructure. This year, we are planning to complete five construction projects. All together there will be 21 projects. In Tskhinval, the Border-Guard Service Department building and houses will be built. The remaining projects are to be constructed at the borderline”, said Pronichev. He also mentioned that in August it is planned to take serious joint steps to elucidate the tasks on protection of South Ossetia’s borders to the personnel.
“In the meantime we will be actively assisting the local population in issues related to access to medical care, education, etc. All our infrastructure at the borderline will be equipped with modern facilities, including the means of communication accessible to the local population. Within the frames of agreements, we can offer jobs to those who are currently working for the border-guard services of South Ossetia. We are ready to protect the border together, and to provide educational opportunities at high schools and universities in Russia. We are ready to employ local civilian population in order to create additional jobs”, said Pronichev. “We are successfully implementing our tasks”, he concluded.

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