Eduard Kokoity: "The reconstruction plan is being implemented in accordance with the schedule"

Thu, 06/08/2009 - 17:30

The RSO President participated in the opening ceremony at the newly installed power supply line "Tskhinval – Grom". The ceremony was held on 5 August in Tskhinval. RSO Government members attended the ceremony.
"It is the first stage. We are planning to install electric line to Leningor district. Today, the line section connecting the village of Grom has been put into operation. Other lines are to be brought to the condition to ensure power supply for Tskhinval district within a month, to those villages, which were under Georgian occupation", said Eduard Kokoity.

The people living in these villages face difficulties since the Georgians side does not follow the previous agreements and cuts off power supply quite often. We will soon get rid of this last leverage of Georgia's pressure", underscored the president.
He also emphasized the fact that the construction works were being implemented in accordance with the schedule set forth by the RF Inter-agency Commission and Ministry for Regional Development. "I am pleased to say that the reconstruction works are ongoing in full accordance with the schedule. It is positive that the subcontractors timely hand-over their reconstruction projects. The most important is that up-to-date equipment is used here. According to our specialists' assessments, the quality of works in the difficult mountainous conditions is quite high. And, I would like to thank all those, who participated in the installation of the electricity lines, the "SKERT" subcontractor. I believe that by the Republic's Day on 20 September, they will be able to make this present to the people of South Ossetia, connecting the whole electricity line to Leningor district center and other villages, including those in Tskhinval district, which were not previously connected to South Ossetia's power supply system", he added.

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