A Field Hospital Deployed in Leningor District

Mon, 24/08/2009 - 10:40

Today, a field hospital has been deployed in Leningor district of South Ossetia. Here, medical staff of the Central Clinical Military Hospital of the RF FSB and Russian Center for Emergency Medicare “Zaschita” of the RF Ministry for Healthcare and Social Welfare are working. The hospital is a run within the frames of the humanitarian action “Mutual Assistance. Cooperation. Security.” of the RF FSB Border guard Service.
As reported by Alexander Magilnitski, Colonel of Medical Service, doctors will carry out medical examination among the local population and if necessary, will provide with medical assistance. “We have focused our efforts on the remote Leningor district since it is complicated to be deployed in several districts simultaneously. It is not a one-off actions and during our next visit we will be able to provide assistance to the population in other districts”, said Magilnitski.
he explained that the current action would continue until 10-11 September. As to the medical equipment of the field hospital, it has standard stationary medical facilities, reported Valery Shabanov, the Chief Doctor of the multi-sector hospital.
”There are ultra-sound, gastroscopes, EKG, X-ray, a small laboratory, ophthalmologist devices and ENT equipment available at the hospital. We have all necessary things for surgery. There is also a pediatrician and pediatric surgeon”, said Shabanov.
He also stressed that at the hospital, a tele-medical stations would be functioning to conduct on-line consultations with Moscow clinics on those cases which would be considered having a questionable diagnosis.
“When necessary, these patients will be transferred to those clinics which are dealing with these particular pathologies”, said Shabanov.
Additionally, the Emergency Medicare Center “Zaschita” has prepared 2,3 tons of humanitarian assistance (medicines) to be handed over to Health institutions of South Ossetia.

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