Working Group of Prosecutor General's Offices of South Ossetia and Russia Finalized Their Verification of Expenditure of Funds Allocated for Rehabilitation

Fri, 17/12/2010 - 18:02

Рабочая группа Генпрокуратур Южной Осетии и РоссииEffective Interaction of Prosecutor General's Offices of South Ossetia and Russia ensures legitimacy of spending of the funds allocated for the rehabilitation in the Republic, Anatoly Palamarchuk, Head of the Department for Implementation of Federal Legislature of the RF Prosecutor General's Office, stated at the press briefing in Tskhinval after the second meeting of the inter-agency working group of the Prosecutor General's Offices of South Ossetia and Russia.
"Throughout the month after the first meeting, we have been inviting all relevant ministries, departments and entities, reviewed their work, checked each and every budget entry allocated for the rehabilitation of sites damaged during an armed conflict in South Ossetia ", said Palamarchuk.

According to him, the interagency working group is presently finalizing the inspection at incomplete rehabilitation sites.
"I think that in the near future this work will be completed, as well as the activities of our working group. We have concrete tasks ahead, and upon their completion, the working group will cease to exist", said Palamarchuk.
He praised the cooperation between the Russian prosecutor's office and the South Ossetian counterparts.
"The work is effectively implemented, the coordination and cooperation between prosecutors' offices are very effecient. I can say that the working group has worked in a coordinated and coherent manner. The results of teamwork are positive, "said Palamarchuk.
He also highly assessed the qualifications of the staff of the South Ossetian Prosecutor's Office.
"All our South Ossetian colleagues were trained during the Soviet Union, we were all in a single system, we had a common level of training. I think these are highly skilled professionals who perform their tasks in good manner", said Palamarchuk.
According to him, after the intervention of the Working group all the construction companies that had previously left the Republic, came back and are completing their workload and eliminating the deficiencies.
In his turn, First Deputy Prosecutor General of South Ossetia Eldar Kokoev noted that the cooperation with the RF Prosecutor General's Office taking place on a regular basis.
"The meetings of the inter-agency working group is caused with the neccessity to discuss issues emerging through the process. These meetings are held once a month. The next meeting is also scheduled for the next month take place in the same format. At this meeting we will determine our future cooperation ", said Kokoev.
He said if problems are all settled by the next meeting, the work of an interagency working group will be ceased.
"This is not mean that there willl be no further cooperation. The work will be completed for this particular working group ", said Kokoev.
He stressed that at the beginning of the interagency working group the situation with the investigation of the activities of unreliable construction companies was difficult.
"A lot of unreliable contractors aimed at getting the money and leaving the place. They have not responded to our requests and did not communicate. Once the Prosecutor General's Office intervened in this work, the situation changed radically. If the original amount of the problems seemed to us immense, then, after a short time, they have been effectively solved. Office of Prosecutor General of South Ossetia opened 14 criminal cases and work on these cases under the interagency working group intensified. We sent international enquiries, which were processed at the highest level. We expect that investigation of these cases will be completed in the near future ", said Kokoev.
It is worth reminding that in the framework of international co-operation, the Prosecutor General's Offices of the RF and South Ossetia inspected the compliance of spendings within the funds allocated for the rehabilitation of the Republic of South Ossetia with legislation. Upon the joint decision of the RF Prosecutor General Yuriy Chaika and Prosecutor General of the Republic of South Ossetia Taimuraz Khugaev, interagency working group composed of prosecutor's offices staff of both countries was established.

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