The Party " Raestag IR" has nominated Pavel Kumaritov for the Presidency

Thu, 09/02/2012 - 11:47

The South Ossetian political party "Raestag IR" (Fair Ossetia) has nominated former official, ex- head of Dzausky district Pavel Kumaritov for President of the Republic. The meeting was attended by members of the CEC of South Ossetia. Candidacy of Kumaritov was approved by secret ballot. "The main thing for me - is a national idea. We have overcome a long way to independence and today we must maintain it. And this is the most important thing in this situation ", - Kumaritov said.

Members of the Central Election Committee have declared that nominees of the political parties do not have to submit the subscription lists, but only a statement of consent to run for president, a declaration of their income within two years, preceding the election, and information about their property. In the elections of November, 2011 the party "Raestag IR" supported the candidacy of ex-chairman of the State Committee of Information, Communications and Mass Media of South Ossetia Georgy Kabisov. To date, the party consists of more than 1000 members. Earlier, the Communist Party has nominated its Chairman Stanislav Kochiev for president of the Republic. Ruling Party "Unity" and the People's Party has not yet declared their candidacies. Currently four political parties are registered in South Ossetia, three of which are represented in Parliament. Presidential re-elections will be held on March 25.

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