Alan Pliev: rupture of diplomatic relations with Tuvalu could do a lot of harm to Georgia

Sat, 18/02/2012 - 13:14

The recognition of South Ossetia by the growing number of states – is an irreversible process, and it eventually will promote relaxation of international tension in the South Caucasus as a whole. Thus, Deputy Foreign Minister of South Ossetia Alan Pliev commented on the rupture of diplomatic relations between the Republic of Tuvalu and Georgia in an interview with IA "Res".

In his opinion, rejection by Georgia of any positivity, touching South Ossetia, reaffirms its intention to put obstacles in the way of achievement of lasting peace and good-neighborly relations in the South Caucasus.
"Rupture of diplomatic relations with the Republic of Tuvalu could affect negatively the image of Georgia - it is not done in the modern world to take inconsequent steps, it`s more unreasonable, when they are dictated by imperial ambitions" - the diplomat has stressed.
It should be reminded that the Republic of Tuvalu recognized the state independence of South Ossetia in September 2011. Before that the sovereignty of South Ossetia was recognized by the Russian Federation, the Republic of Nicaragua, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and the Republic of Nauru.

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