Measures on ensuring a favorable investment climate in South Ossetia were discussed in Tskhinval

Thu, 22/11/2012 - 12:52

The round table discussion on "Prospects for ensuring a favorable investment climate in the Republic of South Ossetia", organized by the Republican political party "Unity" has been held in Tskhinval. The discussion on the state investment policy, perfection of legislation on improving the investment climate and attracting foreign investment in the economy of South Ossetia was attended by public and political figures of the Republic.

During the event, the chairman of the Tskhinval RPP branch "Unity" Eleonora Bedoeva introduced the results of social-survey conducted by members of the party of the most competent economists of South Ossetia.
According to Bedoeva, consumer potential of the Republic amounts to 30 points out of 100, the employment potential - 43 points, intellectual - 63, production - 37 Infrastructure - 41, Finance - 20 Innovation - 21, -10 institutional balls and natural-resource potential - 79.
"A great number of respondents consider that the most significant and most attractive factor for the Republic is its natural potential", - added Bedoeva.
She has noted that the survey identified four levels of investment grade rating of the investment reliability of South Ossetia.
"The level of security for investors in South Ossetia is rated as low," - explained Bedoeva.
According to the Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce of South Ossetia Roin Kozaev, low level of the investment reliability in the Republic is due to the lack of list of terms for investors.
"We cannot offer anything to investors, because we do not have a market. We have to create conditions, which will be acceptable both to investors and to us", - said Kozaev.
According to the Chairman of the Committee for Construction, Industry, Transport of the RSO Parliament Gennady Kokoev the normative legal framework and the actual state of investment in the economy of South Ossetia are at extremely low levels.
"The normative legal framework should be the main factor for the investment attractiveness of South Ossetia. Investor is interested his investments to be safe and profitable. Otherwise, they will invest nothing"- added Kokoev.
According to the MP, for creation legal basis for investment attractiveness of South Ossetia we need to study foreign experience, to develop a few basic laws.
"This is the investment law, law on public-private partnership, which will be able to determine and clarify much. Investors will not invest without a clear tax legislation in the country", - said Kokoev.
During the round table were also made other statements, which covered a wide range of economic issues.
At the end of the round table the participants have adopted the final declaration:
1. To recommend to the deputies of the faction RPP "Unity" of the Parliament of South Ossetia to prepare a set of laws that determine the national legal regime of investment and regulatory principles and mechanisms for investor relations with public authorities, as well as to finalize the existing legislation.
2. To ask the RSO Government to determine the strategy of the state investment policy involving local personnel.
3. To ask the RSO Government to intensify the integration processes that will contribute to improving the investment climate in Ossetia.
4. The participants of the Round table are soliciting the Intergovernmental Committee on promoting socio-economic development of the Republic of South Ossetia, as well as the Deputy Prime Minister A.G. Khloponin about the possible inclusion of the territory of South Ossetia in the North Caucasus tourism cluster.

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