President of South Ossetia expects the progress in the recognition of the Republic in 2013

Fri, 28/12/2012 - 12:08

In 2013 South Ossetia expects the progress in further recognition of the sovereignty of the Republic. This was said by President Leonid Tibilov at the meeting with representatives of the media and the public.
He pointed out that in the process of development, should also be strengthened its international position.

"In this area is active the leadership of the Republic, and in particular, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs", - said the head of state.
Tibilov emphasized that in 2013 South Ossetia would continue the policy of rapprochement and integration with Russia and would determine the prospects for further international recognition.
He recalled that in October of this year in Moscow had been held a meeting of the foreign ministers of Russia and South Ossetia, where had been discussed the strengthening of the position of the Republic in the international arena.
The president added that South Ossetian diplomats in recent months had established contacts with several countries and had obtained an understanding on their part in the recognition of South Ossetia.
"This is a very serious and difficult work, as the Western countriesoppose resolutely against the recognition of South Ossetia. Moreover, our southern neighbors are also actively trying to interfere with this process," - said Tibilov.
The President has expressed the hope that 2013 will be successful in the international recognition of the independence of South Ossetia.

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