Russian Ministry of Labor will help South Ossetia in addressing social issues

Fri, 08/02/2013 - 15:59

Delegation of South Ossetia consisting of the State Adviser of President of the Republic on Social Issues Rodion Siukaev and Deputy Health Minister Naira Siukaeva took part in the conference of the heads of Ministries of Labour and Social Protection of the regions of the North Caucasian Federal District of Russia As reported to IA "Res" by Rodion Siukaev, the conference had been held on February 7 in Vladikavkaz, chaired by Director of the Department of Population Policy and Social Protection of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Russia Olga Samarina.

"At the conference were discussed measures to improve social services; regional ministers were instructed to develop plans of actions -''road map'' – to 2018. According to Olga Samarina, the main purpose of the '' road map'' is ensuring accessibility, a significant increase in the efficiency and quality of public services in the field of social service, and the introduction of modern forms and methods of work in the activities of social institutions ", - told Siukaev.
A working meeting was held after the conference, attended by Minister of Labor and Social Development of North Ossetia Larisa Tuganova.
"The South Ossetian delegation told Olga Samarina about the state of social support and organizational structure of the Ministry of Health and Social Development. We informed her of the state program of health development in South Ossetia for 2013-2020 years, prepared jointly with the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation and the Russian presidential administration, and suggested to develop a similar program ''Social support to citizens of South Ossetia'' for a complete and balanced development", - underlined Siukaev.
According to him, to do this, it is necessary, first of all, to prepare and adopt a law "On the bases of social services in South Ossetia."
"Taking into account, that the vast majority of the citizens of South Ossetia are the Russian citizens and also receive social assistance in North Ossetia, it`s necessary with the assistance of the Ministry of Labor to prepare an action plan to 2018 to improve efficiency and quality of services in public social service, coordinated with the ''road map " of North Ossetia", - said the state adviser.
He has added that he told Samarina about the difficulties to be overcome by the disabled people residing in the Republic to undergo medical and social examination in North Ossetia to confirm their disability.
"We asked to assist in equipping the Bureau of Medical and Social Examination of South Ossetia, according to approved standards of equipment of such institutions in Russia with a special diagnostic equipment and to provide training and certification of the South Ossetian experts. In this case, we asked, before training and certification, to conduct medical social examination by experts from North Ossetia in Tskhinval,"- said Siukaev.
Olga Samarina noted the need to develop a comprehensive national program for social support of citizens, but suggested to start with the Republican "road map."
"She also agreed with conducting medical and social examination in South Ossetia for the convenience of citizens, and promised to assist in this matter," - stressed the state adviser.
He also said that next week the RSO Health Ministry should send to the Ministry of Labour the action plan for preparing the State program of the RSO "Social support of citizens," the law "On the bases of social services in the Republic of South Ossetia" and proposals for the development of the Republican "road map", as well as the list of experts whose assistance in the development of these documents is in need.
"After receiving information from the Health Ministry of South Ossetia, the delegation of Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Republic of Russia will arrive in the Republic for joint work," - said Siukaev.
Larissa Tuganova also expressed readiness to render all assistance to the Health Ministry in solving the problems.

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